"Wherefore We must interrupt a silence which it would be criminal to prolong, that We may point out...as they really are, men who are badly disguised." Pope St. Pius X, September 8, 1907, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Monday, July 10, 2017

Is Individualism What Ails The West?

For those who haven't taken the hints, we do believe that Western culture and its ultimate metaphysical foundation, the Catholic Church, find themselves in one of the greatest crises of their existence. It is perhaps on par with the Aryan heresy which nearly overtook the Church but for a single violent bishop or two or perhaps, as the Blessed Virgin Mary warned at La Salette, the Great Apostasy of Revelation itself, in which Rome becomes the seat of the Anti-Christ.

Speaking of Saint Nicholas punching a heretic gets us quickly to our thesis, which is while there are valid truths that flow from viewing things from the individualist point of view, when this becomes the only context from which truths are derived, as has become commonplace in the West, other truths are missed, and a portion of the truth is mistaken for the whole.

One possible side-effect of this hyper-individualism is the utter pacifism of the Western Church. To be sure, Our Lord's message is almost entirely one of suffering evil rather than violently overcoming it. Except, even for Our Lord, there were certain lines such as buying and selling in His Father's house which were not to be crossed, lest the whip and noble wrath finally be put to their deontological use.

But when one is overly focused on the validity of one's own actions, it is hard to escape the conclusion of pacifism. None of us can judge as God judges, none of our justice is good enough or executed properly and because our suffering has merit, one might be tempted to conclude that violence can never be justified when compared perennial option of long-suffering.

And long-suffering certainly aptly describes how we've chosen to deal with the decline of the Church in the face of the revolutions and upheavals since Protestantism arrived on the scene. One wonders what the world would look like if a Pope or two had encouraged the Christeros, as one example, to fight and overthrow the Masonic atheists then [and still] in control of Mexico rather than give up the fight in favor of compromise.

If we consider the matter at the societal level for a moment, we recognize that it might be better for certain individuals to practice long-suffering in the face of unjust retribution, rather than to rule out retribution altogether. For long-suffering as mentioned before in the face of our mortal enemies might embolden them, but long-suffering in the face of the inevitable injustices of human applied justice might just keep existential crises at bay.

Of course, the perfect balance in justice, not available at the present hour, is for the aggrieved party always to have the means and recourse to use just sufficient violence to keep those that accost them at bay and exact the due amount of restitution. As we have mentioned in last article, this seems to be conceptualized by the Hoppean ideal in the West, and the concept of Sobornost in the Eastern Churches.

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