"Wherefore We must interrupt a silence which it would be criminal to prolong, that We may point out...as they really are, men who are badly disguised." Pope St. Pius X, September 8, 1907, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Product of Slave-Minded "Catholicism" Is...

And must be either intelligent atheists like Stefan Molyneux, who is so put-off by the feigned virtue of empty-headed Christians he may never realize that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the source and perfection of all intelligence and virtue. [Pray for his conversion.] Or, a non-rigorous, emasculated 'Catholicism' like that espoused by the current reigning pontiff, Francis.

Of course, in reality we must be obedient to Truth, which is the self-same as God. We must repeat it, our Lord is the Logos, the very logical structure of the universe. The rules that we discover by means of our senses and logical argumentation, that structure of reality is God. And not in some empty, algorithmic sense. It just so happens that the rules that logic dictates are also the same that lead to human flourishing. I am dumbfounded by the shear ineptitude of those who would claim such is a 'coincidence.' Yes, they do coincide! But not as something that could have turned out any other way.

We do not live in a world where evil is sustainable. Yes, Stefan makes a good point in this video. The fact that stepping over a cliff will lead to you falling to your death is itself neither good nor evil. The *knowledge* of this principle, being conscious of it - and as human beings our highest operating state is consciousness - is what enables choice towards a good end or an evil end. You can save the child about to plummet to his death in his blind curiosity as he runs straight away towards the edge of the cliff, or you can deliberately throw the child off the cliff yourself. This is good and evil. And it is no 'coincidence' that making the choice of saving the child implies knowledge about the nature of gravity.

If someone tells you that you cannot leave your home or gravity will crush you, and in your naivete you believe them living in fear all your life, this is not obedience because it is demonstrably false. You cannot be obedient to falsehood - because there is nothing to be obedient to! - only a slave to it. 'There is no there there.' Where there is no truth there is no authority, only senselessness. Slavery and right-obedience are not the self-same thing. This is the true nature of Christian freedom.

Therefore, right-obedience implies truth. And because God is the singular source of all truth He is also the greatest authority. But no obedience is owed to those who spread falsehood, no matter how powerful they appear. Prudence may dictate that you suffer the onslaught of the non-authority masquerading as authority for the sake of a higher good, the greatest example of which is the Passion of Our Lord. But strictly speaking this is not an act of right-obedience; it is an act of prudence. (We will leave aside that acting prudently is itself an act of right-obedience to the will of God.)

The same can truly be said of obedience to someone who is in a position of knowing more than you do, and this is not to say they in fact do know more than you do. I am not positing that obedience cannot be based simply on faith and that one must always obtain the reason for doing something before doing it, for even reliance on our reason when it is accurate is based on the faith that we were created with reason that can be used accurately and that we have in this particular instance accurately used our reasoning abilities. But we must be clear in the abstract that the high ideal of right-obedience does not violate truth, while prudence deals with the right-ordering of higher truths and lesser truths in the context of our limited humanity, which may include in some situations an accidental 'obedience' to fallible authority even in those particular instances when that 'authority' is in fact fallible.

This of course applies to free men and not women and children. Wives and children be subject to your husbands and fathers because they are in the position of reasoning better than you do. And neither should those in positions of authority act as though they are gods themselves, but always act in giving commands charitably as does the only and true God.

Knowing the difference between slavery to falsehood and right-obedience is the key to unlocking your chains.

Every empire built by man collapses when its violations of truth overrun the charity of God. Only love of God can preserve humanity from itself and ensure its continued success.

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