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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Forget Government Forced-Down-Your-Throat "Healthcare"

Aside from Infowars, which has taken my health to the next level, this is the original source of my bodily well-being:

There was a period in my life when I was suffering through some
things. I had high blood pressure
(140-160/90), diabetes - or at least I think what is called metabolic
syndrome, the beginnings of neuropathy - consistently tingly hands and feet,
poor circulation - I would wake up almost every night because one of my
limbs had fallen completely asleep, the skin on my hands and feet would
shrivel up as if I were 80 years old periodically, running for 10 minutes
would be enough to put me out of breath, I would feel exhausted after an 8
hour day - feeling as if I have been up for the last 16 hours doing heavy
labor, I could literally feel my heart pounding in my body when there was no
reason for it. Other things I'm sure I don't even remember.

I tried disciplined exercise, multiple different diet strategies, trips to
the doctor for a stress test and electrocardiogram. Although there was very
minor improvement, all of these symptoms remained in some way. And I was
only 23 years old - so I knew something was wrong! There were times when I
would attempt to resign myself to understanding I would only live a few more
years - as somehow part of God's plan. As we all should - for no one knows
their time! But I also never quit praying and looking for God's assistance.

Obviously, I cannot recommend anything as I am not a doctor and have
absolutely no medical experience. I just want to mention this as something
you may want to research with the help of any medical professionals you can
rely on. When I started taking this supplement
http://www.youngevity.com/index.cfm/90-for-life/ along with eliminating most
carbohydrates, especially the gluten based ones which I hear tend to
interfere with mineral absorption in the body - which I still do this day -
my symptoms slowly subsided to where I feel like a normal 20-something year
old again.

*** I am now 31, in full health, normal blood pressure, with most people mistaking me for late 20s ***

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