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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Is Rand Paul the New Leader of the Trump Movement?

As Trump begins [apparently] to give in to the placating elements within his administration with his deference to Ryancare vis-a-vis the Freedom Caucus, his sidelining of Bannon on the National Security Council, and now his ill-considered move to change Syria policy in the face of a possible false-flag chemical attack, a new leader of the Trump Movement is emerging.

Senator Rand Paul, who struggled to find a true voice in the wake of his father during the 2016 presidential campaign, is emerging as the strongest voice of true American principles in DC as he finds triangulation between his father's libertarian legacy and the promise of the Trump Movement much more comfortable. From hounding Susan Rice about Trump's highly probably assertion that Obama authorized surveillance of the Trump campaign, proposing an actually free-market alternative to Ryancare, and now exclaiming that Trump risks doing in Syria exactly what Bush did in Iraq because of nonexistent WMDs, Paul seems to have the golden-touch we expected from President Trump.

The "Trump Movement" of course has little to do with Trump himself, the heir-apparent during the 2016 presidential election cycle, who single-handedly brought down the Houses of Bush and Clinton. It is merely the third iteration of a movement spearheaded by Congressman Ron Paul, which exploded into the tea-party movement, and then went full-scale with the anti-establishment candidacy of Donald J. Trump.

Trump of course, as we all do, stands at a crossroads. He can join the current political order, which is bent only on his destruction. Or, he can stand tall like Senator Paul.

We still have a ways to go.

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