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Friday, February 3, 2017

Win the Battle for Worry Free Ownership

A recent banner ad provided by Google, a known propaganda source, on this blog featured a car company's assertion that their service plan would help you "win the battle for worry free ownership." It features a trio of Roman soldiers holding various car repair related equipment in their hands.

While even the reliability of such service plans is questionable, it is likely that the vehicle itself you are buying is not actually owned by you. Even if you have the resources to pay for the car outright in the form of cash or investments, you likely financed the car because of artificially low interest rates. The bank, in fact, owns your car. Your cash meanwhile is also owned by the bank, able to loan it out as they see fit and with the advent of bail-ins, not always responsible for returning it to you. If you have chosen to invest your funds in the stock market instead, this too is based on the viability of financial institutions whose long-term solvency is questionable at best. Just ask the former account holders at MF Global. And your ability to make payments on the car in the meantime is dependent upon the continuance of your employer as a going concern.

This is all far from worry-free and far from actual ownership.

A similar ad campaign is seen on Arizona highway PSA signs, imploring you to "join the rebellion against distracted driving." All of this is feeding off the success of the Alex Jones and his spirit of '76 ethos, but in a way that co-opts it towards the ends of existing power structure.

Real worry-free ownership can only come under a full private property regime. As we have revealed previously, this no longer exists to a large extent in the United States.

Some of the political reforms necessary to 'win the battle for true worry free ownership' in the United States include abolition of all property tax and prohibition of imminent domain, repeal of all income and death taxes, and the restoration of free-banking and elimination of the Federal reserve.

We have covered in detail the implications of these policy proscriptions on Actual Anarchy and will continue to do so. The source of these ideas can be found here. Please browse our previous article for details.

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