"Wherefore We must interrupt a silence which it would be criminal to prolong, that We may point out...as they really are, men who are badly disguised." Pope St. Pius X, September 8, 1907, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Friday, February 10, 2017

Gavin Mcinnes Hasn't Won Anything

There was some poetic justice in listening to Alex Jones having to interview an almost cartoonish caricature of himself on the AJ Show today. Yes, we are the first to see the good that Trump has done and to praise Western culture, but we will also be the first not to wildly extrapolate, as per anti-American culture, a small political advancement into manifest full-spectrum victory.

Hey guys, we still have an income tax. We still have a federal reserve system. We still have the largest debt since we mortgaged our future to win World War II.

The only people with enough funds (i.e., unlimited) to direct the market in whatever direction they want and 'tell the Hollywood court jester where to dance' still work in the Eccles Building. When is THAT going away???

There are plenty of things that remain unexplained if you have more than a short-sighted view of current events, like why are we so ready accept - even celebrate - walls, AI bio-metric screening, foreign intervention, military build-up and executive orders under Trump when two seconds before he was inaugurated we would have condemned Obama for the same? Yes, even if Trump is a 'good guy,' which one for one's own safety shouldn't assume, don't we run the risk of suffering under these very systems we are hailing eight short years from now? Aren't we institutionalizing, under what is at best a temporary and partial victory, what will become the means of our defeat in short order?

Do we will really think a few tax cuts will undo the harms of seventy plus years of psycho-social brainwashing via TV, on our magazines, in the schools and colleges, producing a populace that doesn't know how to be free or raise strong families?

We almost think that, whether anyone other than the perpetrators realize it or not, this could be the Globalist final coup-de-grace, in which a charismatic alt-right political leader is allowed to recharged the economy again without upsetting the fiat currency system so that one final burst of human effort and ingenuity can be channeled into building the very Prison Planet that Alex Jones so rightfully fears.

Alex, cheer-leading is for women.

Gavin, if this is WIN - it's so good to WIN! - all we do is WIN WIN WIN! then I'm afraid we don't know what the battle looks like. The battle is ahead not behind us.

If you think that the Western culture we are the rightful heirs to consists only in having a few parties after electing a semi-decent executive leader to reign over an entire governing apparatus at odds with that very culture, you have another thing coming.

That little modicum of guilt and self-reflection, which Gavin seemed ready to dismiss as a cultural or genetic flaw, is actually the very impetus to all of our victories and the levelheadedness of the Western cultural order. A cultural order that remains very much to be rebuilt.

This is not our victory, yet.

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