"Wherefore We must interrupt a silence which it would be criminal to prolong, that We may point out...as they really are, men who are badly disguised." Pope St. Pius X, September 8, 1907, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Beginning to Free Your Mind

The enemy wants to keep you off balance. One of the strategies used by Satanists to control the minds of the mass population is to bully you into using only one side of your brain. Either through a specific traumatic event (ah-hem!) or by defining what is socially acceptable, your enemies work to keep you in a mode of either total left-brained passivity or total right-brained obedience.

If they are successful in this endeavor and they too often are, not only have they habituated you to making use of only one-half of your total human capacity and spirituality, they have also cut-off the self-correcting mechanisms that the two sides of your brain are meant to impose on one another in order to keep you, in a word, balanced.

This is one reason, if you happen to be of the conservative persuasion, why all the trendies seem brain-dead or zombie-like. They in fact are, as they have been raised in a California culture that overvalues right-brained passivity. They literally do not think logically, because they have been trained over time not to use this portion of their brain. They have learned through social interaction that they will be viewed disfavorably by the bosses and managers if they engage in too much critical thought.

This danger exists in conservative culture as well, where top-down, left-brained logic-based rule-following obedience becomes over-stressed. Conservatives all too often are incapable of sufficiently questioning authority figures who either do not deserve their authority in the first place or abuse it for ulterior ends. When someone does question authority, even if fully justified, too often the assumption in a conservative mind-set is in favor of the authority-figure, instead of favoring truth and justice.

Mark Passio, a former Satanic anti-Priest (as a traditional Catholic I must include the 'anti-' for truth's sake) explains this paradigm in detail and is well worth a watch. With only a little further reflection, it becomes clear that this methodology is also behind the mainstreaming of the divisions in political debates into one of two camps, each camp falling into one or the other half-brained schema. A further deception is that each side is misidentified, with the left-liberal generally being right-brained, and the right-conservative generally overusing the left-brain.

Teleology is essential to sanity. The proper order of all things is found in balance. It is found in the golden mean, in using the particular thing in question at the right time and in the right way. No created thing is, per se, evil. The evil comes from misuse of our God given natures, not making use of our full potential or using something contrary to purpose.

Building on this knowledge another strategy the enemy uses, once they have divided populations into these two different camps, is to push as far as they can to one side without breaking the system and then backing off to provide the relief those who feel oppressed at that point desperately crave. Over the last 100 years in the United States, the favored side has been the left-liberal, which has championed moral degeneracy. This process has accelerated and decelerated at times, but the general pattern has been a ramp-up in false-freedoms like women working, abortion, birth control, sexual perversion, homosexuality and welfare dependence. These policies are ramped up during democrat presidents and then consolidated under republicans.

This strategy has been so successful in driving us towards the emerging Satanic world order because it allows the right-brain dominant leftists to revel in long periods of constant struggle and 'victory,' which is really part and parcel of their own enslavement to which they are receptive without skepticism. This meanwhile is punctured by periods where a conservative authority figure temporarily halts the slide into the moral abyss, vocally opposing this derangement of culture, but doing very little institutionally to undo the new policies in place that promote degeneracy.

Take for instance the republican controlled Congress under republican President George W. Bush. These institutions were all in name opposed to abortion. Congress has the authority to modify the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court by law and could have sent the issue of abortion to the states to be decided, where surely in some cases abortion would be outlawed today. No such action was taken, and the mass-murder of children continued unabated, to be taken to a whole other level under the next president, Obama.

There is some concern that Donald Trump may represent another iteration of this strategy taken to the Nth degree. He may be more effective in overturning leftist culture influence during his term(s) than any other president in the last 100 years, but an ulterior Satanic motive remains. While conservatives are mentally disarmed, President Trump may slide us into a world currency from which we will never escape and under which the leftist cultural trajectory will only continue and intensity.

Let us be aware. When Trump's Atlantic City casinos nearly failed in bankruptcy, the person he went to go see was Wilbur Ross (now nominated for Commerce Secretary) who at the time headed the New York office of the Rothschild banking empire. We all know what has happened since that meeting.

I don't know if Trump is returning a favor or getting even. I hope for the later and plan for the former.

In any event, this is not about Trump; this is about you.

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