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Friday, February 17, 2017

Alex Jones: More Loans Are the Answer

Sorry, low interest loans for everyone is not the answer, Alex Jones.

We have to create an actual ownership society, where most of the wealth is held in equity.

What we have now is a globalist-controlled central bank that can print money at will. They can counterfeit at will. Why do you think counterfeiting is illegal for everyone else? It is a way to gaining wealth you are not entitled to.


Goldman Sachs and First State Bank on main street inclusive.

While we are busy creating actual material wealth, these banks issue "currency" out of thin air that represents the wealth we just spent 9am to 5pm creating. Then, they loan their buddies a bunch of it first, so they can buy up all the best assets, and drive up asset prices for everyone else.

Then, when we can finally find some time on a weekend to go to the bank, we can borrow the money to buy overpriced (remember, low interest rates inflate asset prices) houses, cars, investments and sometimes just day-to-day living expenses.

Meanwhile, since the buddies bought up most of the businesses we work for, they can fire us the minute we become inconvenient to them (this may be for real economic reasons, or as you know there may be ulterior political reasons). Once unemployed, all those interest-free loans become just another trap of the very globalists we say we're fighting. And this is true for small business owners and anyone dependent on bigger businesses.

Yes, it is possible to escape this immoral system with enough will-power, for now, until the cashless society is in place. Then you'll need a microchip, just like the one recently installed in your new debit and credit cards, to make any kind of transaction. This is the real fight.

Yes, you can still go all-equity now, but that doesn't mean the banking system is set up correctly. The only thing that should happen is the Federal Reserve be abolished and we return to a free-banking system that flourished in the United States from the time when Andres Jackson killed the Second Bank of the United States in the early 19th century until the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the period - with the exception of the Civil War - of greatest material progress for the average guy in the United States.

The only way we will know if Trump is truly for real is if he positions us for an eventual abolition of the Federal Reserve and a return to free-banking. Inadvertently, he may very well be positioning us for the new global fiat currency system, where the Federal Reserve is handed over to the IMF, and the Dollar is supplanted by the SDR.

Once US sovereignty has been devolved, the torrent of Liberal culture will be turned back to full fire-hose by the globalists, and Western culture will finally be extinguished. That is, until God intervenes to resuscitate it.

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