"Wherefore We must interrupt a silence which it would be criminal to prolong, that We may point out...as they really are, men who are badly disguised." Pope St. Pius X, September 8, 1907, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Saturday, January 28, 2017

This Is a Start

Ease, comfort, security - these are all overrated. What do those who are most economically secure seek out? Action and adventure movies about difficulty, struggle and danger.

The problem is the emotional part of you that enjoys an action movie was created by God to deal with the real world. Don't allow members of the occultist elite to co-opt your natural instincts through mass-media control. As any traditional Catholic knows, these are the children of Satan. And they control the kingdoms of the Earth. Go out into the real world and learn how to turn your life into an action movie.

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