"Wherefore We must interrupt a silence which it would be criminal to prolong, that We may point out...as they really are, men who are badly disguised." Pope St. Pius X, September 8, 1907, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Monday, January 9, 2017

Don't Miss the Infowars Chuck Schumer-The Godfather Parody

Not yet available on Youtube, listening to the Alex Jones Show over the next few days might have a hilarious payoff.

In the long tradition of Godfather parodies, the most recent is the short intermission segment on the Alex Jones program. The not-so-veiled threat on Donald Trump's life by longtime gangster (and Senator, but do I repeat myself?) Chuck Schumer is dealt with in the mold of one the most recognizable pieces of American movie culture.

Don't miss it. And don't miss the point either.

Viewer discretion if you haven't seen The Godfather before.

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