"Wherefore We must interrupt a silence which it would be criminal to prolong, that We may point out...as they really are, men who are badly disguised." Pope St. Pius X, September 8, 1907, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why the Art of "Manliness" Blog is All Washed Up

Meme this.

A response to an Art of Manliness Blog series. Or, what we will now call Art of "Manliness" Blog.


The original, unaltered Art of "Manliness" chart. Better known as the pictorial embodiment of "feminism."

Some of the AoM article linked above is pure nonsense. Gender roles are not even partly "artificial." All creatures need something to aspire to or you end up with something boring and fetid like modern American society. Just because a man uses his mind to refine something such as his mannerisms to accentuate the masculinity, does not make it artificial. To the contrary, how unnatural it is to not think of doing such a thing! The proof is that people do this today anyway - except now they just accentuate their lesser traits rather than their stronger ones. Get out of Oklahoma - go to Austin and shop at a Whole Foods - look at the women that try to talk and walk like men - quite unnaturally!

Can't stop; won't stop.

How uni-dimensional to suggest that scarcity has been eliminated. Certain types of scarcity have diminished perhaps but that has been happening since the first day a human being existed on this planet. Because of the limited nature of man-qua-man - as opposed to some semi-delusional, presumptuous end of history paradigm that makes man out to be some-sort of God - there will always be scarcity. Scarcity like almost all concepts is not binary - yes it is, no it isn't. Scarcity is on a continuum like almost anything else. Using one feminist complaint to prove my point, when the modern vacuum cleaner replaced the "hard-work" of sweeping, 'patriarchal society' just increased its standards of cleanliness so that the same amount of work had to be done anyway and the 'housewife' made no 'progress.' Furthermore, the exact same situation might seem scarce to one man, and very abundant to another.

Just because we are on Tahiti now doesn't mean we can't continue to make Tahiti better than it is. Or that we don't want to see other parts of the world. And Tahiti is a pretty scarce place anyway if you are used to living in luxury in the beautiful snow of Aspen, or surrounded by the great works of architecture in a New York penthouse, or on vast tracts of cattle and natural gas-filled land like the King Ranch in Texas, or praying without stop the liturgy of the hours in a culturally all-consuming Catholic monastery. To the point, the modern 'pampered' life you suggest we have today is more scarce in more ways than at any point in history. And artificial too, in the true sense of artificial. Instead of finding ways to accentuate and enhance what nature gave us, we have more literally replaced our environment with less clean air, more polluted oceans and more questionable food.

Gotta stretch yourself, bro.

No, things have not changed at all. Some of us have only fooled ourselves into thinking that this is as good as it gets. And that everyone now deserves an equal cut of a size-constrained pie. But these are the myths that limit human development and always have been. Good luck.

I would like to thank Tony Robbins and Roger Miller for the inspiration to this post.

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