"Wherefore We must interrupt a silence which it would be criminal to prolong, that We may point out...as they really are, men who are badly disguised." Pope St. Pius X, September 8, 1907, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Conspiracy Theories Handed Down From Our Pontiffs

Before Alex Jones, before the masonic takeover of Mexico, before the devolution of the Catholic Church during and after Vatican II, there was a pope that predicted it all:

By Blessed Pope Pius IX in Etsi Multa, November, 1873:

Venerable Brothers, it is surprising that in our time such a great war is being waged against the Catholic Church. But anyone who knows the nature, desires and intentions of the sects, whether they be called masonic or bear another name, and compares them with the nature the systems and the vastness of the obstacles by which the Church has been assailed almost everywhere, cannot doubt that the present misfortune must mainly be imputed to the frauds and machinations of these sects. It is from them that the synagogue of Satan, which gathers its troops against the Church of Christ, takes its strength. In the past Our predecessors, vigilant even from the beginning in Israel, had already denounced them to the kings and the nations, and had condemned them time and time again, and even We have not failed in this duty. If those who would have been able to avert such a deadly scourge had only had more faith in the supreme Pastors of the Church! But this scourge, winding through sinuous caverns, . . . deceiving many with astute frauds, finally has arrived at the point where it comes forth impetuously from its hiding places and triumphs as a powerful master. Since the throng of its propagandists has grown enormously, these wicked groups think that they have already become masters of the world and that they have almost reached their pre-established goal. Having sometimes obtained what they desired, and that is power, in several countries, they boldly turn the help of powers and authorities which they have secured to trying to submit the Church of God to the most cruel servitude, to undermine the foundations on which it rests, to contaminate its splendid qualities; and, moreover, to strike it with frequent blows, to shake it, to overthrow it, and, if possible, to make it disappear completely from the earth. Things being thus, Venerable Brothers, make every effort to defend the faithful which are entrusted to you against the insidious contagion of these sects and to save from perdition those who unfortunately have inscribed themselves in such sects. Make known and attack those who, whether suffering from, or planning, deception, are not afraid to affirm that these shady congregations aim only at the profit of society, at progress and mutual benefit. Explain to them often and impress deeply on their souls the Papal constitutions on this subject and teach, them that the masonic associations are anathematized by them not only in Europe but also in America and wherever they may be in the whole world.

"Our predecessors, vigilant even from the beginning in Israel, had already denounced them to the kings and the nations, and had condemned them time and time again."

Does the Holy Father seem to indicate, as Alex Jones et al does, that these conspiring actors trace their foundations even back to times before Christ? Does "our predecessors" here refer to the chosen race of God, the Jews, of whom the Catholic Church is merely the fullest culmination and most recent iteration in God's plan?

If you do not believe the Pontiff could be correct in his assertions, please watch.

Monday, October 8, 2012

It Has Been Some Time

It has been some time since I have felt compelled to write. I can feel the skill slowly slipping from my fingers, and so I should write if for nothing else than to preserve my ability to express myself diligently into the future.

I have given up two years of my life pursuing a woman so tepid that one measured rebuke of her careless manner of speaking can send her into a fit of doubt, confusion, and insult. In nearly two years of a relationship a period longer than a week has never passed without an argument. As Christ calls me, I am in this world, but not of it. I am not above the desire for a family, nor should I be. But truly are things as bad as pagan times. So difficult is it to find a woman committed to her family above all else that one must settle for gently guiding the only slightly confused woman off the path on which the culture of death has placed her. Habits and thoughts formed through public school and even through as insidious a thing as a Novus Ordo parish - which teaches a lighter version of the same cultural tendencies as public school but with the facade of theological and moral legitimacy - are apparently tremendously difficult to break, such that two years of extreme effort has yet to dig away enough of the crud so as to find a stable foundation on which to build and rear a family.

I must turn again to the search for someone else. This is her choice not mine, as she has demonstrated time again that while she has the ability to speak as though her thoughts are upright, consistent action directed towards the same end (i.e., uprightness), again for a period longer than a week, is too much for one such as I to ask.

I need now the faith of Saint Anne, whose earthly desires were fulfilled in a way incomparable to all except the mother of God herself. In long-suffering was a child delivered to her. The spiritual and physical fulfillment which the delivery of the this child gave Saint Anne must have exceeded anything she could have wished for in her many years of childlessness.

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope, to thee do we cry, O poor banished children of Eve, to thee do we send up sighs morning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us and after this our exile show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet virgin Mary.

Pray for us O Holy Mother of God that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

An Open Letter to Whole Foods

Dear Mr. Walter Robb,

Year to date, I have spent $5021.91 at your store per my records kept by the Microsoft Money software program. That is more than 10% of my annual income. While I realize you are a business man and must make your decisions accordingly, I am writing to make you keenly aware that the same applies to me. I have happily spent this money in firm belief that I am supporting one of the last bastions of legitimate, sustainable and safe agriculture practices in our nation, if not our world. This belief is now dreadfully challenged through the GMO scandal the poor management of your company has brought to fruition (see http://www.infowars.com/nothing-artificial-ever-whole-foods-caught-in-gmo-marketing-deception-proof/ , amongst others).

As a consumer entirely opposed morally, philosophically, scientifically and economically to the monetary support and consumption of many GMO products, I am forced to reduce my spending at your store to send a message that those watching only your bottom line can understand: I will not shop at a store that presents itself as a safe place to eat but does not back up that promise with actions. I will shop at other organic stores and other local produce outlets that are cheaper, because you have failed to differentiate yourself from them. While I may in some circumstances continue to support your store, I will not do so with the pride I once had in being a “Whole” Foods customer, realizing now that the corn I may be consuming is not whole at all but violated with the genetic code of other living organisms.

If either your conscience or your bottom line are sufficiently bruised by the actions of me and other like-minded former customers, then these are the steps I would take to re-imbue your brand with the trust it deserves:

1)      Make a large donation to Proposition 37 in California.
2)      Announce a timeline requirement for all foods sold through Whole Foods to be labeled with their GMO content.
3)      Proactively educate Whole Foods employees and customers about the reality of genetically modified foods being sold throughout the stores.


The author of Actual Anarchy.