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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Silver Liberation Army

From http://maxkeiser.com/2011/03/06/silver-liberation-army-official-communique-no-2-formal-declaration-of-war-on-banker-occupation/ 


Today, the Alex Jones program launched a google bomb, "Silver Liberation Army." A google-bomb consists of a mass effort to repeatedly search (that is, enter in the google search text blank) the term "silver liberation army" in order to force the term into mass-consciousness by causing its appearance in trend-discovering software.

Not only do we recommend participation in the google-bomb, we also encourage the mass purchase of silver bullion. The purpose is two-fold. The first is to help you protect yourself from the devaluation of the dollar, particularly if you have thus far not done so with precious metals. The second is to help collapse the JP Morgan short position (where "shorting" or a "short" position is a bet wherein the entity betting loses money if silver prices increase). According to Max Kaiser, JP Morgan retains a huge "naked" short position. This means they have sold paper contracts representing deliverable silver to commodity traders, the silver for which JP Morgan does not actually own. This is fraudulent activity, and if called out, JP Morgan will have to deliver the silver for these contracts.

As the price of silver increases, the value of these contracts to JP Morgan falls, which hurts JP Morgan. Moreover, if JP Morgan moves to close out these short positions in order to minimize their loss as silver prices increase, they must move to acquire the silver necessary to honor the contracts. If the Silver Liberation Army can successfully call JP Morgan's bluff, the price of silver will skyrocket as JP Morgan moves to buy silver to honor its contracts, and JP Morgan will experience significant losses.

This is an attempt to overcome the banksters at their own game. If you concur with this analysis after doing your own research, you may want to buy silver, with particular interest in taking physical delivery, or short JP Morgan stock. Both moves are risky and should only be taken by those with the financial strength to withstand the possible losses that could correspond with the failure of this scenario to play out.

The advantage of success are manifold. You will have acquired a stock of silver at a price low enough, given the resultant changes in the marketplace, that the market price will likely remain above your purchase price for a significant period of time. Additionally, you have the opportunity to cause mass-awakening as the recognition of these events takes hold in the minds of those not aware, while simultaneously discrediting the actions of JP Morgan.

Click here to launch google-bomb.

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  2. "JP Morgan delivered 12.2 million ounces of the shiny metal from December 2010 until last week; more than four times as much physical silver as all other market participants combined. So the idea that JPM is the entity holding down the price of silver is an incontrovertible fact, not a conspiracy theory. It’s not even worth discussing."

    - http://acrossthestreetnet.wordpress.com/2011/04/14/why-silver-is-still-the-best-revenge/