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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feds Digging Up More Dirt on Toyota (Likely On Behalf of GM)

I have long suspected the recent hype surrounding Toyota's problems is a ploy by GM and its backers in the government and media to prop up the failing US car industry. A recent report by NASA cleared Toyota of any design flaw blame related to the over-acceleration of its vehicles. As Alex Jones would point out, these retractions do not get nearly as much airtime as the original accusations, nor do they compensate Toyota for the forgone sales due to the original hype, even if they were to clear Toyota's name fully going forward. However, it looks like the Feds are at it again. According to the PLASTICS Daily News e-mail newsletter dated February 10, 2011:

REGULATORY:  FBI Raids Auburn Hills Auto Supplier

      The Detriot News reports this morning that FBI agents raided the offices of automotive safety equipment maker TK Holdings, Inc. of Auburn Hills. Alby Berman, v-p of marketing and public relations for the firm, told the newspaper that the agents never stated a purpose for the raid but he suspected it was part of a probe into antitrust activities withing the supplier industry.
     The 25 agents involved in the raid are reported to have spent five hours copying computer hard drives, removing files and interviewing employees. In particular, the agents appeared interested in dealings with Toyota Motor Corp.
     The newspaper also reports that international agents searched the offices of some suppliers in Japan and Europe later on Tuesday.
     According to The Detroit News, TK Holdings employs about 400 people in Auburn Hills, most of them working in sales or engineering. It is the North American subsidiary of Japan's Takata Corp., which is a major supplier of safety systems to Japanese automakers.
I'll just add that I think Alby Berman is either a shill or not very bright:

Background of Constant Negative Toyota Press + FBI Interest in Toyota Information = A Probe into Antitrust Activities within the Supplier Industry?  Give me a break...

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