"Wherefore We must interrupt a silence which it would be criminal to prolong, that We may point out...as they really are, men who are badly disguised." Pope St. Pius X, September 8, 1907, Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Monday, February 20, 2017

Catholicism Is Not an Endorsement of the State

"Thou shouldst not have any power against Me, unless it were given thee from above. Therefore, he that hath delivered Me to thee, hath the greater sin." John 19:11

Even if we are ultimately resigned to the [in]justice the state metes out, a Catholic's first duty is to the truth. Submission to authority is not the full story. While Our Lord, as God, certainly had more standing to challenge the religious and secular leaders of His day than any one of us does to challenge our leaders today, it remains clear from His actions that pursuit of truth will sometimes involve vocal and physical resistance to those who claim unjustly to be the rulers of humanity.

You'll notice in the passage above that while Jesus places greater blame on the plotting of the pharisees, who retain the "greater sin," the Roman state is by no means exonerated.

Indeed, if our Lady is to be believed at La Salette among many other apparitions, in the time we are living disobedience to the powers that be [and resignation to the injustice with which they repay our rightful disobedience] may be a prerequisite of sainthood.

Most are aware of the words of our Lord to the pharisees calling them a brood of vipers and His turning over of tables in the temple. The application of our Lord's teachings to real world governance run much more thoroughly through history than many are aware.

In the "City of God," St. Augustine tells the story of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great. The Emperor angrily demanded of him, "How dare you molest the seas?" To which the pirate replied, "How dare you molest the whole world? Because I do it with a small boat, I am called a pirate and a thief. You, with a great navy, molest the world and are called an emperor." St. Augustine thought the pirate's answer was "elegant and excellent."

Perhaps the greatest condemnation of the monarchical state - that so many Catholics hold in such high esteem - comes from none other than the LORD GOD Himself when speaking to the prophet Samuel:
And it came to pass when Samuel was old, that he appointed his sons to be judges over Israel. ... Then all the ancients of Israel being assembled, came to Samuel to Ramatha.  And they said to him: Behold thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: make us a king, to judge us, as all nations have.
And the word was displeasing in the eyes of Samuel, that they should say: Give us a king, to judge us. And Samuel prayed to the Lord. And the Lord said to Samuel: Hearken to the voice of the people in all that they say to thee. For they have not rejected thee, but Me, that I should not reign over them. According to all their works, they have done from the day that I brought them out of Egypt until this day: as they have forsaken Me, and served strange gods, so do they also unto thee. Now therefore hearken to their voice: but yet testify to them, and foretell them the right of the king, that shall reign over them. Then Samuel told all the words of the Lord to the people that had desired a king of him,
And said: This will be the right of the king, that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and put them in his chariots, and will make them his horsemen, and his running footmen to run before his chariots, And he will appoint of them to be his tribunes, and centurions, and to plough his fields, and to reap his corn, and to make him arms and chariots.Your daughters also he will take to make him ointments, and to be his cooks, and bakers. And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your best oliveyards, and give them to his servants. Moreover he will take the tenth of your corn, and of the revenues of your vineyards, to give his eunuchs and servants.
Your servants also and handmaids, and your goodliest young men, and your asses he will take away, and put them to his work. Your flocks also he will tithe, and you shall be his servants. And you shall cry out in that day from the face of the king, whom you have chosen to yourselves. and the Lord will not hear you in that day, because you desired unto yourselves a king. But the people would not hear the voice of Samuel, and they said: Nay: but there shall be a king over us. And we also will be like all nations: and our king shall judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles for us.
And Samuel heard all the words of the people, and rehearsed them in the ears of the Lord. And the Lord said to Samuel: Hearken to their voice, and make them a king.
It is clear that GOD Himself considers the Jewish people's desire for a king as an affront to His Own authority. Even here we see the beginnings of the modern welfare state coming into view. The 50% income tax rate of modern European states and the workaholic feminism that dominates the present American generation are just further degradations from 'taking the tenth of you corn' and 'making your daughters his cooks and bakers.'  This is not to say there is no reason to hold particular Catholic monarchs in high esteem. God bless us with such governors! But praise for monarchy other than Christ's per se is a different matter, and we must not treat as an absolute a Catholic preference for monarchy that was historically necessary in the face of a militant and centralized Protestantism.

God's dismay at the desire of His people for a monarch may become more comprehensible to modern ears if we say a little about the method of government that until this time God had instituted among His chosen people. As the Douay-Rheims commentary points out, "the government of Israel hitherto had been a theocracy, in which God himself immediately ruled, by laws which He had enacted, and by judges extraordinarily raised up by Himself; and therefore He complains that His people rejected Him, in desiring a change of government."

While modern Christian culture is a victim of protestant sentimentalism, even Catholics today seem to get caught up in pseudo-romanticism when considering such concepts as 'grace,' 'theocracy' or 'God himself immediately ruling by judges extraordinarily raised up by himself.' Magic is a tool of Satan. God is the master of reality, and while grace has a supernatural origin, it encompasses real-world, concrete effects. Only the profane degrade the reality of God acting in the world to some sort of "Hocus Pocus."

The truth is we can describe in great detail the methods of governance that prevailed under the Judges of the Old Testament prior to the Jewish monarchy. Natural law scholars have done so since the earliest days of Western civilization. Look no further than Bruno Leoni's magnum opus, Freedom and the Law, which answers the question 'does law require legislation?' with a resounding 'no!'
Leoni's great contribution is to point out...an alternative to the tyranny of legislation. Rather than accept either administrative law or legislation, Leoni calls for a return to the ancient traditions and principles of "judge-made law" as a method of limiting the State and insuring liberty. In the Roman private law, in the Continental Civil Codes, in the Anglo-Saxon common law, "law" did not mean what we think today: endless enactments by a legislature or executive. "Law" was not enacted but found or discovered; it was a body of customary rules that had, like languages or fashions, grown up spontaneously and purely voluntarily among the people. These spontaneous rules constituted "the law"; and it was the works of experts in the law—old men of the tribe, judges, or lawyers—to determine what the law was and how the law would apply to the numerous cases in dispute that perpetually arise.
"Judge-made law" should not be confused with judge-made-up law, which prevails in the United States today, wherein rulings have basis neither in the Constitution nor natural-law. Obviously, 'judge-made' law requires the utmost precision of reason and exercise of good-faith. It is a logical, organic process of finding the natural law and was correctly seen by the ancient Israelite to originate in God Himself, who as any Catholic knows is the Logos. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Man's knowledge and practice of the natural law has progressed under obedience to God and regressed under obedience to men. It reached its height under the Catholic Church during the decentralized middle ages wherein the competition of a plurality of sovereignties and jurisdictions gave birth to the very "freedoms" liberals were to claim as their own invention after the rise of the Weberian state.
Decentralization of power also came to mark the domestic arrangements of the various European polities. Here feudalism – which produced a nobility rooted in feudal right rather than in state-service – is thought by a number of scholars to have played an essential role (see, e.g., Baechler 1975, 78). Through the struggle for power within the realms, representative bodies came into being, and princes often found their hands tied by the charters of rights (Magna Carta, for instance) which they were forced to grant their subjects. In the end, even within the relatively small states of Europe, power was dispersed among estates, orders, chartered towns, religious communities, corps, universities, etc., each with its own guaranteed liberties. The rule of law came to be established throughout much of the Continent.
The extent of these economic and political "liberties" were expounded upon most exactly by the Spanish Scholastics. Once revolution began to sweep Europe centralizing power and giving rise to the modern nation-state, the natural law tradition became misidentified with Liberalism. While these [classical] liberals did at least in their early formulation attempt to adhere to traditional natural law concepts, they did so by attempting to coax a now all-powerful state into accepting the dictates of natural law, something such states are not inclined to do. It is critical to take hold of the fact that while classical liberals promoted natural law concepts, they did so within the context of legally positivist government, and were not the originators of the values they championed.

Indeed, with the modern nation state we have a bifurcation of the Logos, the natural law, from the apparatus of government. This has led to much confusion and as we have pointed out, requires a reintegration of ideas seen incorrectly as opposing one another.

It should be increasingly clear that our Lord's admonition to 'render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's' was an appropriate tautological response to His interlocutors. Our Lord was not about to begin the historically nuanced analysis necessary to delineate the political order that most coincides with the nature of reality. His was a simple statement of truth, if X, do what is appropriate for X; if Y, do what is appropriate for Y.

While Catholicism may necessitate a toleration of the state as a lesser evil than actual anarchy, we are making a diabolical mistake if we consider the modern nation-state a good in itself. Logic, history and theology bear witness to the truth that the government which accords most with natural law governs best. The ultimate foundation of all legitimate political power is our Lord and conforms perfectly with His law.

Alex: The Nationalist Movement Can Be Co-Opted Too

Danger, Will Robinson.

Hey Alex, I am writing this out of charity. You helped me to overcome my TV addiction and realize exactly what is going on in the political realm.

You might be getting a little carried away.

As you know, intelligence agencies are pros at positioning the right kind of person at the right place. Have you considered that some of the former and current intelligence agents you are receiving information from may be scripting the whole Trump phenomenon?

Trump himself might not even be aware.

Why is Dr. Pieczenik so confident the Left will be ineffectual in their current plots against Trump? Does the scripting have an ultimate agenda in mind and Trump will be protected in carrying out, and all of this *very vocal* opposition is just a distraction so we focus on what the Left is doing instead of what those who are positioning Trump may have in mind.

You shouldn't need reminding that there are wolves in sheep's clothing. And even those with good intentions can be misled by others. Unless you have a front row seat, a little more discretion may be in order.

There are things you are overlooking with Trump that you haven't with others. Please continue with your thoroughness as during previous administrations.

Don't get too overworked or too relaxed. And don't rely too heavily on unverified sources or any single group of sources.

Even if the authors of the Trump movement have ulterior motives, we can capture what is good in the Trump movement and steer it towards righteousness. We just need to get some things out in the open, like Trump's former business dealings with the Rothschilds via Wilbur Ross and the fact that the IMF is preparing a roll out of SDRs and needs the US Dollar to stand down. People like us need to be prepared for such eventualities.

Maybe you already know what I am talking about, and you have a pivot in your back pocket.

But if you don't, remember we cannot just embrace the surveillance state because 'good guys' are temporarily at the helm. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Just a friendly reminder. Otherwise, keep doin' what you're doin' brother.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Alex Jones: More Loans Are the Answer

Sorry, low interest loans for everyone is not the answer, Alex Jones.

We have to create an actual ownership society, where most of the wealth is held in equity.

What we have now is a globalist-controlled central bank that can print money at will. They can counterfeit at will. Why do you think counterfeiting is illegal for everyone else? It is a way to gaining wealth you are not entitled to.


Goldman Sachs and First State Bank on main street inclusive.

While we are busy creating actual material wealth, these banks issue "currency" out of thin air that represents the wealth we just spent 9am to 5pm creating. Then, they loan their buddies a bunch of it first, so they can buy up all the best assets, and drive up asset prices for everyone else.

Then, when we can finally find some time on a weekend to go to the bank, we can borrow the money to buy overpriced (remember, low interest rates inflate asset prices) houses, cars, investments and sometimes just day-to-day living expenses.

Meanwhile, since the buddies bought up most of the businesses we work for, they can fire us the minute we become inconvenient to them (this may be for real economic reasons, or as you know there may be ulterior political reasons). Once unemployed, all those interest-free loans become just another trap of the very globalists we say we're fighting. And this is true for small business owners and anyone dependent on bigger businesses.

Yes, it is possible to escape this immoral system with enough will-power, for now, until the cashless society is in place. Then you'll need a microchip, just like the one recently installed in your new debit and credit cards, to make any kind of transaction. This is the real fight.

Yes, you can still go all-equity now, but that doesn't mean the banking system is set up correctly. The only thing that should happen is the Federal Reserve be abolished and we return to a free-banking system that flourished in the United States from the time when Andres Jackson killed the Second Bank of the United States in the early 19th century until the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the period - with the exception of the Civil War - of greatest material progress for the average guy in the United States.

The only way we will know if Trump is truly for real is if he positions us for an eventual abolition of the Federal Reserve and a return to free-banking. Inadvertently, he may very well be positioning us for the new global fiat currency system, where the Federal Reserve is handed over to the IMF, and the Dollar is supplanted by the SDR.

Once US sovereignty has been devolved, the torrent of Liberal culture will be turned back to full fire-hose by the globalists, and Western culture will finally be extinguished. That is, until God intervenes to resuscitate it.

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Day With Liberals

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Day Without Liberals





Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"Women's Health" Is Actually a Cover For...

Sign the petition.

By the way, Google wouldn't let me search for this video using the standard embed tool. I had to use html code to embed it.

Hillary Makes Another Mistake

While Hillary Clinton is a joke, satanic abuse of children is not.

Meme: How About That Sounds?

Righteous indignation in the face of the onslaught of globalist propaganda is what we want to express.

I was returning home from a border town recently, which involved a stop at one the US Customs and Border Protection agency's many highway checkpoints. After a peaceful encounter with an agent, we were on our way north again.

But afterwards I realized something:

So, the US government can detain three US citizens at a checkpoint well within the territory of the United States, but the President can't detain foreigners at the border???

Ok, How about Congress goes ahead and repeals the entire Department of Homeland Security? You know, since it doesn't involve securing the homeland anyway?

How about that sounds? You know? 

Increase and multiply.

Don't Go Back to School; Have More Children

It's getting repetitive, but the ads from Google seem to provide an endless supply of material for the intellectually sharp mind.

Let's see, your reason for piling up debt, taking "women's studies" courses, getting a worthless degree and going back to work at a minimum wage job is.... wait for it.... FAMILY???

How about instead of growing a male-style ego, you find a man worthy of your admiration, send him to work, stay at home and actually take care of your FAMILY.

"How about that sounds?"

You know.

We love you, Alex.

If There Has To Be A Recession, Do It Now

Strategically, Michael Snyder is right. If Trump represents a resurgence of the true American spirit of Christian freedom and Natural Law ("free market") prosperity we want an early recession for Trump's first term. This parallels the experience of the Reagan years, wherein an early recession in Reagan's first term provided an impetus for free market reforms that ended the recession and led to the 20th century's greatest period of economic growth since the wind-down of governmental largess after World War II.

But there is a greater economic truth behind the strategic one. As we have detailed in our post Why Aren't You As Rich As You Should Be, the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle illustrates clearly why sustained economic growth must be based on real interest rates. To summarize, all the fake growth induced by artificially low interest rates must be cleared out before real economic growth can return. In detail:
why did underlying growth not actually live up to expectations? The Austrian business cycle theory accounts for this clearly. An artificially lowered interest rate...indicates to entrepreneurs and consumers alike that there are more loanable funds...than actually exists. ...entrepreneurs begin building more...and consumers begin consuming more goods than they would in absence of the improper interest rate signal. This is sustainable for a time but only in the way that building a new structure that requires one hundred bricks can be built with bricks limited in availability to fifty. We will build a too large a foundation, realizing half-way through the process that we cannot complete the structure, and indeed we should have drawn plans for building a structure with only fifty bricks. The grasping for any remaining available bricks to actually complete our misinformed plan leads to rampant inflation, it becomes clear consumers and businesses cannot complete their plans and the bust ensues.
So we have at least two divergent paths in front of us. In one we build on the shaky foundation of the Obama recovery and pour on more artificial growth that leads us into a self-destructing bubble that will be used by the Left in another attempt to discredit the free market. Or, we embrace the pain, let interest rates return to a natural level, clear out the unsustainable growth and make way for a new round of economic growth now.

A few more words...

There is some evidence that the later is already happening. Those who disfavor the economic policies of the Trump administration, such as George Soros, are notably short the market. And no doubt other executives that share Soros' twisted views are similarly doing what they can to counter any new surge of economic activity. However, this act of 'sabotage' may be exactly what the economy needs. The crony-capitalists and their fake recovery should stand down, giving room for grass-roots entrepreneurs to pick up idle resources and begin real and resilient businesses.

It is even possible that this can happen without a technical "recession," at least as defined by the philosophically positivist National Bureau of Economic Research, which defines a "recession" (again, note the quotations) as "two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth."  Note well, that the logically based Austrian School demonstrates it is a priori epistemologically impossible to know just how broken the economy's foundation is, otherwise the trick of low interest rates wouldn't work. It is possible for psychology and other factors to put a limit on artificial economic growth, so inducing a recession now might not even be noticeable by the NBER's standards. All we know is that holding everything else constant, artificial interest rates create a bad foundation for the economy. It may be a small crack or the house might be ready to come down.

Even in the case of a barely or un-noticeable recession, if we have been saved from artificial economic growth inadvertently by the excessive pessimism and regulation of the Obama years, it would be truer to say we have been 'saved' from any economic growth at all. You can't have bad economic growth if you don't have any economic growth. This IS the road to Serfdom of which Hayek speaks; every intervention in the economy leads necessarily to another intervention until everything is on lock-down. The antidote could be the risk-taking MAGA mindset if it sufficiently embraces the free market, although this remains to be seen.

The larger point is clear. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having your economy dominated by a single, all-powerful central bank that can set interest rates at will, you always want a recession sooner rather than later. The longer the binge lasts, the worse the hangover effects.

Friday, February 10, 2017

All That Stock In Your Brokerage Account, You Don't Actually Own It

the way you think you do:

Gavin Mcinnes Hasn't Won Anything

There was some poetic justice in listening to Alex Jones having to interview an almost cartoonish caricature of himself on the AJ Show today. Yes, we are the first to see the good that Trump has done and to praise Western culture, but we will also be the first not to wildly extrapolate, as per anti-American culture, a small political advancement into manifest full-spectrum victory.

Hey guys, we still have an income tax. We still have a federal reserve system. We still have the largest debt since we mortgaged our future to win World War II.

The only people with enough funds (i.e., unlimited) to direct the market in whatever direction they want and 'tell the Hollywood court jester where to dance' still work in the Eccles Building. When is THAT going away???

There are plenty of things that remain unexplained if you have more than a short-sighted view of current events, like why are we so ready accept - even celebrate - walls, AI bio-metric screening, foreign intervention, military build-up and executive orders under Trump when two seconds before he was inaugurated we would have condemned Obama for the same? Yes, even if Trump is a 'good guy,' which one for one's own safety shouldn't assume, don't we run the risk of suffering under these very systems we are hailing eight short years from now? Aren't we institutionalizing, under what is at best a temporary and partial victory, what will become the means of our defeat in short order?

Do we will really think a few tax cuts will undo the harms of seventy plus years of psycho-social brainwashing via TV, on our magazines, in the schools and colleges, producing a populace that doesn't know how to be free or raise strong families?

We almost think that, whether anyone other than the perpetrators realize it or not, this could be the Globalist final coup-de-grace, in which a charismatic alt-right political leader is allowed to recharged the economy again without upsetting the fiat currency system so that one final burst of human effort and ingenuity can be channeled into building the very Prison Planet that Alex Jones so rightfully fears.

Alex, cheer-leading is for women.

Gavin, if this is WIN - it's so good to WIN! - all we do is WIN WIN WIN! then I'm afraid we don't know what the battle looks like. The battle is ahead not behind us.

If you think that the Western culture we are the rightful heirs to consists only in having a few parties after electing a semi-decent executive leader to reign over an entire governing apparatus at odds with that very culture, you have another thing coming.

That little modicum of guilt and self-reflection, which Gavin seemed ready to dismiss as a cultural or genetic flaw, is actually the very impetus to all of our victories and the levelheadedness of the Western cultural order. A cultural order that remains very much to be rebuilt.

This is not our victory, yet.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Where Are Our Tax Cuts?!

Even the pernicious Bush administration could deliver on this promise. If mainstream republicans are so far into the hands of the globalists that they can't even pass a tax cut bill in the first three months of the legislative session, every republican in congress should face rabid opposition in the primary elections two years from now.

This is no longer a game. Our survival as a nation, a people, a culture is literally at stake. We must reign in the republican scum, just like Trump is reigning in the democrat scum. This is a multi-front battle. Trump has given us an opening. All you alt-right conservatives with a modicum of desire to run for office, start planning your 2018 campaigns. TODAY!!!

Read the rest: Trump Responds to Drudge, Announces ‘Phenomenal’ Tax Cuts in Coming Weeks

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Perennial Natural Law Synthesis Re-Emerges

And as you would expect, it does so spontaneously.

During our encounter with Actual Anarchy, this blog received inspiration to create an image contrasting those who historically had called themselves "liberals" but whose philosophy logically tends towards a natural law order without Weberian states - what we somewhat loosely refer to as actual anarchy - perhaps most notably Ludwig von Mises, with those who today call themselves "anarchists" but whose philosophy, which we must gather from their actions since their leading philosophers can only be said to include such luminaries as contra-logical feminist anti-music performers, must inevitably lead to the rise of a Leviathan state managed by the very followers of Satan.

Yes, as we've asserted before, we believe that if libertarianism is going to be successful it will be of necessity a thick libertarianism.

This image, which we will revisit, leads to many insights. Not least of which is that, since man is inherently non-omniscient, a la Hayek and Catholic theology, it is easy for us to become too narrowly focused on some particulars to the overlooking of others. While this seeming problem is actually its own solution when the beauty of an order based on private property rights and individual responsibility is delineated, this tendency also explains why many arguments you have with your friends may only be semantic. That is to say, while the logical content of your arguments are actually the same, because different words are used to identify the one and same concrete realities, and/or the same word is used by each party to identify two very different realities an apparent conflict exists where there is none. Because groups are no more that the aggregation of behavior of individuals, the entire history of thought becomes mired in the same problem.


However, as both Austrians and Catholics assert, there is only one logos, one logic, one truth. And so, any apparent contradiction can be resolved dialectically, which Chris Matthew Sciabarra in his book Total Freedom: Towards a Dialectical Libertarianism, calls "the art of context keeping."

Who are the real anarchists? Who are the real liberals? What is anarchism? What is liberalism?

Or, as we have asked before, which way actual anarchy?

Then, our Igantian discernment made everything clear. Our image was missing the synthesis of the thesis and anti-thesis of Anarchy-Liberal tension.

As we have argued before, the Austrian economists are the rightful heirs to the long Catholic natural law tradition. Even Murray Rothbard admits as much in his Economic Thought Before Adam Smith. When the Catholic Church recovers from Her current miseries She will discover the same.

And thus, the image is completed. (Click image for full size.)

*By "Catholic Church" we should be clear that we are referring to the former part of the Church that still self-identifies as Catholic but has substantially abandoned all or integral parts of Her doctrine. Obviously the Church, per se, is preserved from all corruption, even if Her human participants are not.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Podcast Names Itself "Actual Anarchy," Causes Actual Anarchy

The folks over at ReadRothbard have recently launched a new podcast, re-branding themselves as the "ActualAnarchy" podcast. In so doing they have actually demonstrated anarchy thereby enacting an entirely new concept, meta-actual anarchy. We will endeavor to explain.

While we firmly assert that the ActualAnarchy blog has been in existence since at least February 9, 2011 (Happy Birthday! - just around the corner) and therefore the originality of our use of this name supersedes that of the new kids on the block, we are also of the conviction a la Stephan Kinsella that ideas, words and branding are not, per se, scarce and therefore no such thing as an "intellectual" property right exists. We'll let Stephan make this a teaching moment. And while we don't even have to use quotes, we will do so out of courtesy instead of compulsion:

"Like the magically-reproducible lawnmower, ideas are
not scarce. If I invent a technique for harvesting cotton,
your harvesting cotton in this way would not take away the
technique from me. I still have my technique (as well as my
cotton). Your use does not exclude my use; we could both
use my technique to harvest cotton. There is no economic
scarcity, and no possibility of conflict over the use of a
scarce resource. Thus, there is no need for exclusivity."

And because we actually do believe in the merits of a natural law based social order, we will stand by this conviction by not attempting to disallow the homonymity of the podcast with our own esteemed blog. We will not even express any snobbish resentment. Though, we will standby our superior originality.

This assertion of rights by the podcast in using the same name as the blog will be respected by the blog of the same name, and both will live up to their libertarian ethos, demonstrating indeed that actual anarchy in this sense is both an objective intellectual concept recognizable by society and a fully attainable reality.

We must become the actual anarchy we wish to see in the world.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Benedict Option Is Not Optional

In the discussions about the merits of Rod Dreher's Benedict Option (or as it is apparently called in Newspeak, "BenOp" - something that is needlessly repeated, indicating a greater interest in jargon than truth) one consideration is conspicuously missing, the need to save one's own soul. Perhaps proving the validity of the very reasoning behind the Benedict Option, the arguments against it explain why living in an intentionally Catholic community is not desirable from a worldly point of view. Fair enough, but how can we build the world's next great universities, how can we convert others, if we have not even taken sufficient action to save our own souls?

If we are drowning in the secular world, we must first find a place of rest and recovery.

The life of the Church and the life of Christ will run in parallel. Just as there are times when Christ is preaching to the masses, He also takes time to isolate himself. So it can be in the Church.

This is completely non-controversial. Anyone critical of the Benedict Option has not made even a cursory reflection of the factors involved and is likely relying too heavily on the cues of the Satanic culture around him.

Salus animarum suprema lex.

Don't let anyone dissuade you from saving your own soul. If you must pursue the Benedict Option to do so, it is no longer optional.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Win the Battle for Worry Free Ownership

A recent banner ad provided by Google, a known propaganda source, on this blog featured a car company's assertion that their service plan would help you "win the battle for worry free ownership." It features a trio of Roman soldiers holding various car repair related equipment in their hands.

While even the reliability of such service plans is questionable, it is likely that the vehicle itself you are buying is not actually owned by you. Even if you have the resources to pay for the car outright in the form of cash or investments, you likely financed the car because of artificially low interest rates. The bank, in fact, owns your car. Your cash meanwhile is also owned by the bank, able to loan it out as they see fit and with the advent of bail-ins, not always responsible for returning it to you. If you have chosen to invest your funds in the stock market instead, this too is based on the viability of financial institutions whose long-term solvency is questionable at best. Just ask the former account holders at MF Global. And your ability to make payments on the car in the meantime is dependent upon the continuance of your employer as a going concern.

This is all far from worry-free and far from actual ownership.

A similar ad campaign is seen on Arizona highway PSA signs, imploring you to "join the rebellion against distracted driving." All of this is feeding off the success of the Alex Jones and his spirit of '76 ethos, but in a way that co-opts it towards the ends of existing power structure.

Real worry-free ownership can only come under a full private property regime. As we have revealed previously, this no longer exists to a large extent in the United States.

Some of the political reforms necessary to 'win the battle for true worry free ownership' in the United States include abolition of all property tax and prohibition of imminent domain, repeal of all income and death taxes, and the restoration of free-banking and elimination of the Federal reserve.

We have covered in detail the implications of these policy proscriptions on Actual Anarchy and will continue to do so. The source of these ideas can be found here. Please browse our previous article for details.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump Can Deliver, And It's Up to You

Alex Jones' point is well taken. So much of what Trump is doing can diminish the globalists. By defeating the cultural Marxist narrative that there are no such things as selfless truth, honor and beauty to be striven for, that hard work is out of date and it's easier just to go with what you're given, that somehow freedom and Western ideals of justice only benefit white males Trump has given those who wish to see a better future an opening we didn't bargain for, a chance perhaps many of us didn't even deserve.

This is the higher way of a just and merciful God.

But none of this comes without our cooperation. We have a free will. As quickly as Trump reduces our taxes, the next administration can raise them. And Trump's movement itself is up for grabs. Will it be turned against the apparent better instincts that have momentarily reawakened in response to an electoral victory we were told was impossible and parlayed by the globalist into their lower purpose? Or will you, every one of you, turn back to your Creator, reawaken to the higher calling the mainstream anti-culture, anti-education and anti-media has with the drip, drip, drip of fake news and false ideals like Chinese water torture slowly deadened in your conscious mind?

The truth is you don't have to be perfect to strive for perfection. If you don't know where to start, take that risk you've been afraid to take but keeps returning to your mind. Accept that if you fail, you will also grow and will find the eventual opportunity and contentment you in your current state of inertial fear didn't even realize was possible. Throw a Hail Mary pass and catch it yourself. Better yet, say a Hail Mary, 25 of them.

No one can save us if our only desire is to sit back and relax. You must cooperate with your salvation. You have a soul; you have a destiny. If you don't take it for yourself, you will never have it.

Trump can deliver, if you deliver.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Beginning to Free Your Mind

The enemy wants to keep you off balance. One of the strategies used by Satanists to control the minds of the mass population is to bully you into using only one side of your brain. Either through a specific traumatic event (ah-hem!) or by defining what is socially acceptable, your enemies work to keep you in a mode of either total left-brained passivity or total right-brained obedience.

If they are successful in this endeavor and they too often are, not only have they habituated you to making use of only one-half of your total human capacity and spirituality, they have also cut-off the self-correcting mechanisms that the two sides of your brain are meant to impose on one another in order to keep you, in a word, balanced.

This is one reason, if you happen to be of the conservative persuasion, why all the trendies seem brain-dead or zombie-like. They in fact are, as they have been raised in a California culture that overvalues right-brained passivity. They literally do not think logically, because they have been trained over time not to use this portion of their brain. They have learned through social interaction that they will be viewed disfavorably by the bosses and managers if they engage in too much critical thought.

This danger exists in conservative culture as well, where top-down, left-brained logic-based rule-following obedience becomes over-stressed. Conservatives all too often are incapable of sufficiently questioning authority figures who either do not deserve their authority in the first place or abuse it for ulterior ends. When someone does question authority, even if fully justified, too often the assumption in a conservative mind-set is in favor of the authority-figure, instead of favoring truth and justice.

Mark Passio, a former Satanic anti-Priest (as a traditional Catholic I must include the 'anti-' for truth's sake) explains this paradigm in detail and is well worth a watch. With only a little further reflection, it becomes clear that this methodology is also behind the mainstreaming of the divisions in political debates into one of two camps, each camp falling into one or the other half-brained schema. A further deception is that each side is misidentified, with the left-liberal generally being right-brained, and the right-conservative generally overusing the left-brain.

Teleology is essential to sanity. The proper order of all things is found in balance. It is found in the golden mean, in using the particular thing in question at the right time and in the right way. No created thing is, per se, evil. The evil comes from misuse of our God given natures, not making use of our full potential or using something contrary to purpose.

Building on this knowledge another strategy the enemy uses, once they have divided populations into these two different camps, is to push as far as they can to one side without breaking the system and then backing off to provide the relief those who feel oppressed at that point desperately crave. Over the last 100 years in the United States, the favored side has been the left-liberal, which has championed moral degeneracy. This process has accelerated and decelerated at times, but the general pattern has been a ramp-up in false-freedoms like women working, abortion, birth control, sexual perversion, homosexuality and welfare dependence. These policies are ramped up during democrat presidents and then consolidated under republicans.

This strategy has been so successful in driving us towards the emerging Satanic world order because it allows the right-brain dominant leftists to revel in long periods of constant struggle and 'victory,' which is really part and parcel of their own enslavement to which they are receptive without skepticism. This meanwhile is punctured by periods where a conservative authority figure temporarily halts the slide into the moral abyss, vocally opposing this derangement of culture, but doing very little institutionally to undo the new policies in place that promote degeneracy.

Take for instance the republican controlled Congress under republican President George W. Bush. These institutions were all in name opposed to abortion. Congress has the authority to modify the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court by law and could have sent the issue of abortion to the states to be decided, where surely in some cases abortion would be outlawed today. No such action was taken, and the mass-murder of children continued unabated, to be taken to a whole other level under the next president, Obama.

There is some concern that Donald Trump may represent another iteration of this strategy taken to the Nth degree. He may be more effective in overturning leftist culture influence during his term(s) than any other president in the last 100 years, but an ulterior Satanic motive remains. While conservatives are mentally disarmed, President Trump may slide us into a world currency from which we will never escape and under which the leftist cultural trajectory will only continue and intensity.

Let us be aware. When Trump's Atlantic City casinos nearly failed in bankruptcy, the person he went to go see was Wilbur Ross (now nominated for Commerce Secretary) who at the time headed the New York office of the Rothschild banking empire. We all know what has happened since that meeting.

I don't know if Trump is returning a favor or getting even. I hope for the later and plan for the former.

In any event, this is not about Trump; this is about you.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Now That the "Catholic Church" is Not Catholic

Pope Francis’s official vision is personified by Bishop Nunzio Galantino, who was appointed by the Pontiff as the Secretary General of Italy’s Bishops. Last December, Galantino gave an interview in which he dismissed any religious motivation behind jihadist attacks and claimed that, instead, “money” is what is behind them.
There are now many Catholic commentators who are questioning the Church’s blindness about the danger Europe is facing. One is the cultural...

read the rest. 

*By "Catholic Church" we should be clear that we are referring to the former part of the Church that still self-identifies as Catholic but has substantially abandoned all or integral parts of Her doctrine. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

When the "Catholic Church" was Still Catholic

This is what She did:

"As someone interested in what really happened behind the scenes in World War 2, I found this book riveting and hard to put down. Using records from Germany’s Institute für Zeitgeschichte and from the Vatican Secret Archives, Church of Spies casts light on WWII covert operations and spycraft that remained in the shadows for 75 years. Perhaps most earth shattering and historically game-changing is the proof that a modern Pope, running a vast intelligence network inside Germany, green-lighted Hitler’s assassination, something neither FDR or Churchill, so far as we know, risked their reputations to do."

Read the rest: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2017/01/no_author/largest-church-smallest-country-oldest-spy-service/ 

*By "Catholic Church" we should be clear that we are referring to the former part of the Church that still self-identifies as Catholic but has substantially abandoned all or integral parts of Her doctrine.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Are We About to Be Trumped?

Imagine you are a member of the enigmatic Rothschild banking family working to establish a one world government meant to enforce a one world Satanic religion that will usher in the reign of the anti-Christ. One of your first steps would be the creation of a global currency, under which the wealth of all nations will be managed and consolidated. In this framework it will be easier to keep all the governments of the world on a short leash and through various agreements and crises eventually merge these into a single world superstate.

There exists an obstacle, though. The current world monetary order is based on a single country's currency. Conceivably, this country's government could at any time unilaterally go-rogue and use its control of the reserve currency of the world to reassert its independence, establish its own economic order, undermine your plan toward a world government and even your own viability as a banking family.

Let us say that for the last half-century, you have instigated a form of cultural warfare on this country through television, magazines, movies and later the internet undermining the culture that made this nation strong, replacing it with effeminacy, homosexuality, vice and perversion, various forms of laziness and dependency, and the destruction of the family in the form of female independence, divorce, abortion, birth control, and welfare-enabled single motherhood. Concurrently, the political class it has become clear is at the forefront of this degeneracy, even being suspected of involvement in child sex abuse and funding radical Islam.

Yet, a good part of this country has resisted and 'bitterly clings' to remembrance of stronger times. As the society has degenerated, gun-ownership has hit all time highs and it is clear that a large part of the population - perhaps even a slight majority - is considering reasserting its popular will one way or another. They look for a chance to overcome this cultural revolution and reinstall governmental leadership that will 'make their country great again.'

On the way down into this pit of economic, social and spiritual debasement, a certain prominent businessman based in New York has made a foolhardily oversized bet on the success of new Atlantic City casinos immediately prior to a major recession. He is unable to make his loan payments. He waltzes into your local office and asks for a little help. You provide him the funds to hold him over until the economy improves. A decade later you arrange a lucrative Reality-TV show contract for him to boost his public image. All with his promise to help you out down the road.

Now, just as the domestic political establishment of this country is about to install its crowning anti-cultural achievement, its first female president, in a crescendo of debt-financed, hyper-corrupt liberal largess; at the point wherein the alt-conservative movement of this country is about to become the most outraged; at this moment, you call up your good friend Mr. Trump and ask him to run a campaign appealing to the alt-conservative movement and the establishment conservatives too - at least enough of them to win the Republican nomination.

Once in office, he will champion traditional values, reassert American sovereignty, tear up foreign trade deals, bring back American jobs, grow the economy, rebuild the military and infrastructure, take care of our great veterans, rebuild the inner-cities and even take on the corrupt media that had spread the false anti-American culture in the first place.

There's only one catch.

He's going to get rid of the US Dollar's world hegemony. He's going to call a monetary conference. He's going to say the US Dollar is too strong, and this is keeping jobs out of America. He's going to assert a strong US Dollar is no longer in the nation's best interest.

He is going to work towards ceding ultimate monetary authority over to the International Monetary Fund's "SDR," a world currency within a multi-lateral framework in which America will just be another player like any other country. Once this is done, America will have no special economic leverage in the world. And She will be dependent on receiving SDRs from the International Monetary Fund to facilitate her economic success just like any other country. She will be giving up part of her sovereignty for good.

Will the alt-conservatives will be so relieved to see a president doing everything they ever hoped and dreamed for, that they will miss or excuse the great President Trump bringing an end to the US dollar's status as the world reserve currency, placing us almost assuredly on the path toward world government that the Rothschilds envision?

That's up to you.

Credit to http://philosophyofmetrics.com/

Saturday, January 28, 2017

This Is a Start

Ease, comfort, security - these are all overrated. What do those who are most economically secure seek out? Action and adventure movies about difficulty, struggle and danger.

The problem is the emotional part of you that enjoys an action movie was created by God to deal with the real world. Don't allow members of the occultist elite to co-opt your natural instincts through mass-media control. As any traditional Catholic knows, these are the children of Satan. And they control the kingdoms of the Earth. Go out into the real world and learn how to turn your life into an action movie.

Read more: How to Defeat the Globalist System

Friday, January 27, 2017

Throw Out the British Economists

If you've taken a standard public school or college economics course, you've likely heard of Adam Smith and John M. Keynes, the heroes of the English economics tradition. The 'invisible hand' and 'animal spirits' are all you need to know about economics right?

Outside of the flawed labor theory of value of Smith which led directly to Marxist revolution and the nonsensical anti-analysis of undifferentiated macro-economic Keynesian capital theory, there is an economics tradition that traces itself back to the very foundations of Western civilization. The only problem from the point of view of the Anglo-American academic establishment is the true economists have largely been Spanish, Austrians and later, libertarian Americans.

If you want to trace back the history of true economics, start here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump Must Undo These Six Marxist Principles

Contrary to what you have heard, much of the Communist Manifesto has already been implemented in the United States. If Trump truly cares about freedom and sovereignty he must undo these six Marxist principles that are already in place in America. The good news is he has already started.

1. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

Yes, Trump is planning a decrease in income tax rates across the board.

2. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.

Here, we need a solid plan to do away with all forms of 'death-tax.'

3. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

This one is of the greatest concern. The Federal Reserve is the greatest enemy of prosperity and equitable private wealth. We need to hear a plan from Trump on how to 'end the Fed.'

4. Equal liability of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

Trump needs to enable the American family to re-emerge. Women should have the option of staying at home, and there should be sufficient jobs and pay for men to enable them to do so. Competition with nations that do not hold Western values have undermined this bedrock of genuine human civilization.

5. Free education for all children in public schools.

The public education system has had its way with our minds when we are at our most vulnerable for way too long. Through its influence, we have been conned into accepting the implementation of these planks of the Communist Manifesto under the lie that nothing has changed and that America is still what she always was. We need to recognize homeschooling as a fundamental right and open public schools to the influence of competition. Hopefully, Trump's pick for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVoss will exceed expectations and deliver a system with fewer governmental mandates, so easily prone to abuse.

Monday, January 23, 2017

What Does it Mean, "Actual Anarchy"?

To the Catholic mind, the title of this blog will sound a discord; to the libertarian, perfect harmony. But it is not only the enemies of truth that can use a dialectic approach to reach a higher plain of understanding, for we intend here to synthesize points of view stereotypically seen to be in opposition. Indeed the processes that are forming the world around us are always ultimately up for grabs to both the defenders and enemies of truth, as both Austrian methodological individualism and Catholic theological free-will tell us.

To any Catholic, who is Catholic not only for the last 60 years, but the last 2016 years, there can be no other conclusion reached in the pontificate of Pope Francis than the Church herself is in a state of actual anarchy. Indeed, the highest earthly authority of the Church is engaged in a dialogue - yes, indeed his own dialectic downwardly spiraling - with, let us strive to retain charity here - semi-heretical notions such as vaguely calling into question the sanctity of our Lord and suggesting that what are abominations in the eyes of God are actually authentic relationships, as if the Author of all life is not the Authenticator of His own creation. Meanwhile, those attempting to adhere in good-faith to the deposit of the faith, including sedevacantists, SSPX proper, SSPX qua resistance, FSSP, diocesan, or other, as is seen in this very act of listing, find themselves without the unity consonant to upholding tradition. Particular questions pertaining to liturgy - yes the actual liturgy of the Church, not the novo-litrugy - and authority go unanswered, and as in times of previous uncertainty as to the state of true papal authority, Catholics of good-faith are left to their own consciences, unable to submit to a Peter who has seemingly joined the Sanhedrin.

But while this out-and-out disintegration of authority has only relatively recently grown to such proportions inside the Church, it has been so for Western society much longer. Indeed for too many people there is no question of what the Church has to say about a particular matter. This is no more apparent than in the rise of classical liberalism, or what is today known as libertarianism. For while the supreme moral authority of the Church no longer captures of the minds of our leading intellectuals (and here I am referring to actual intellectuals, not mere actors on TV news), the Word, the Logos, yea, the logic which God spoke into existence still resides, to a certain extent, in the minds of thinking men such as Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and the Austrian economists of today. It is the very structure of reality that informs us that "men act," for any attempted refutation must prove the very point.

Libertarianism seems to promise 'our cake and eat it too,' retaining the free-market, private property order that is the only system fully consummate with human flourishing, while emptying it of many of the moral prohibitions of the Catholic Church. This apparently allows a mind comfortable with the liberal tone of the modern West to retain enough of reality's structure to maintain a functional materialistic existence. Actual anarchy - life without the state - to this line of thought, becomes the summit of man's moral and philosophical development, the desired end-goal of man's political development. And while much material advancement, beauty, self-fulfillment and even moral clarity can be had in pursuing our self-interest as in a Randian novel, there always remains the notion posited by Hayek that human beings cannot be omniscient and we have a tendency therefore to define our self-interest too narrowly. It is notable that none of the 'heroes' of the Randian ethos have any children.

Yet, to the better libertarians' credit, no utopia is promised. In fact, libertarianism's most realistic proponents sustain that there will always be evil men. And so, we ought not empower the very institution most often made use of by the evil sociopath throughout human history, the state. It is as Augustine said, 'There are pirates and emperors, but they're really the same thing.' It is as Satan said, taking Jesus to the top of the mountain and showing him all the kingdoms of the world, 'These all belong to me.'

During the eclipse of the Church, we have witnessed the more perfect refinement of the truly Scholastic, natural law economic and political proscription. The synthesis, bringing the Church and the market back together, will be seen in two ways, a triumph of 'thick' libertarianism in which it is widely recognized that the thin variant opens the door to a 'freedom' devoid of character, so perverse that man begins to undermine his very existence by using his materialistic accompaniments to destroy what it means to be man; also, God himself may intervene with a chastisement akin to that of the tower of Babel, as is promised in the third secret of Fatima to halt what is perverse in man's materialistic trajectory and re-establish a just world order founded upon Catholicism.

The meaning of "actual anarchy" is thus determined by the context in which it is used. The Catholic Church seems to experience it in an illegitimate sense today, wherein the governing structures of the Church are not fully functional and Her enemies run rampant. Informed by Austrian economic analysis, libertarianism aims to actualize a social order in which the Weberian state, and surely the superstates being pieced together from these, is supplanted by a system fully coextensive to human freedom and natural law, properly understood. If humanity is to progress, the Church herself will become the fullest champion of the more recent advancements of natural law philosophy applied to economics, retaining the remainder of the moral structure She has carried forward for two millennia. It cannot be any more certain the path available for Christendom's restoration, than to see that Her enemies hard at work building a Satanic world government. This new world order is a world without the rule of God. The only alternative is to strive for a world without the rule of Satan. Which anarchy will we actualize?

Of course, a traditional Catholic knows the proper reference point, and so the question really is, how much actual anarchy will we endure until God's order is brought to summation? That again is determined by the extent to which each one of us cooperates with our creator. May the Actual Anarchy blog help you to avoid its namesake. Let us turn back to the only source of true order, Him whose rule is the definition of all things. Yes, we must strive against the "order" of Satan, which is really no order at all. And in doing so, we very well will see the perverse totalitarianism of sin supplanted slowly but surely by the peace, tranquility and total Christian freedom of God's natural order, an order so perfect there is no question of its enforcement because it is clearly in the self-interest of all to conform to the dictates of their own creator, an order so perfect we couldn't help but fulfill it if we could see things as God sees them. Alas, we cannot, without the eyes of Faith, Hope and Charity. Which way actual anarchy?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

This is Not About Trump; This is About You

Trump is not the issue. The real reason the outgoing president, large news corporations, the bureaucracy, segments of the intelligence agencies, major corporations and media figures, foreign officials, and in some cases your next door neighbor, coworker or boss want to undermine Trump is because they what to undermine you. They don't want you to get any ideas - that having a positive attitude, committing yourself to the point where you will go through anything to assert your will, knowing confidently that everything they try to shove down your throat is some kind of scam - will allow you to live a true life, a centered life, a life without fear, a life of independence from them, a life worth living - in a word - a life.

Trump is not perfect, and even if he succeeds more work will remain to be done, like dismantling the central bank and rebirthing morality. And they may not stop Trump, but they will stop you, if you let them.

Now is the time to act. Even if it is small. Do something you thought you couldn't do. Do it anyway. Accept the consequences, even the most fearsome consequences. Life is not about cowering. Life is about risking everything to live. You cannot protect yourself. Seeking protection only subjugates you to those more bolder than you are. Be bold. Be determined. Everything has risk. Take that risk, embrace it, and make it your own.

Now is the time to act. Don't let them win.

Monday, January 9, 2017

It Is Clear Now: Pope Francis Is Not of the Church

The only monetary system that squares itself with Catholic morality is an honest, 100% reserve standard, which historically has proven itself to be based on silver or gold. Any system that represents to owners that they have full ownership of their money, when in fact they are only part owners of a going-concern which unbeknownst to them is easily on the verge bankruptcy in the case of bank deposits, or that they hold certificates to real ownership that can be duplicated ad infinitum by the governing authority so as to render the original holder of the certificates unable to exercise the intended wealth-preserving effect, as in the case of paper money, is immoral, contrary to the natural law, irreconcilable with Church doctrine and the long history of Catholic economic thought, and Satanic in origin.

For all of the real economists out there, it is now clear we have an apparent holder of Papal office that does not intend what the Church intends and does not teach what the Church teaches. Francis is calling for a new world central bank that perpetuates, emboldens and institutionalizes the dishonest fractional reserve system currently in place.

Let us hope that just as Pope Francis is wrong about the appropriateness of walls as national boundaries and Trump is right, that Trump also takes the right side of this issue. If we see that Trump too calls for this new world currency led by the World Bank in the form of an SDR or other supranational currency, we will know that the entire Trump phenomenon had ulterior motives from the beginning.

Don't Miss the Infowars Chuck Schumer-The Godfather Parody

Not yet available on Youtube, listening to the Alex Jones Show over the next few days might have a hilarious payoff.

In the long tradition of Godfather parodies, the most recent is the short intermission segment on the Alex Jones program. The not-so-veiled threat on Donald Trump's life by longtime gangster (and Senator, but do I repeat myself?) Chuck Schumer is dealt with in the mold of one the most recognizable pieces of American movie culture.

Don't miss it. And don't miss the point either.

Viewer discretion if you haven't seen The Godfather before.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why Weren't "Intelligence Angencies" Worried About Hacking Before the Election?

Does it have anything to do with their opinion of the outcome? And instead of focusing on the supposed problem - they say Russia - why aren't we hearing about solutions? Like, going back to paper ballots.

It's time for the Trump administration to use their opponents' lack of logic against them. We must demand a return to unhackable paper ballots. As one who has worked in the effort to remove electronic voting machines it is clear that all of this was preventable from the very start.

Why is the CIA always late to the game and always telling a story that benefits the political establishment's goals at that particular time?

What good is an "intelligence agency" that is only aware of the problem after it occurs, and doesn't discuss actual solutions?

During the election, many questioned where Trump would find so much savings in the budget from 'waste, fraud and abuse.' It turns out Trump didn't have to find it; it found him. It is time to strip the CIA's billion dollar budget.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Only the Catholic Church Gives Us Completely Beautiful Music

What does that tell you about the nature of truth? What does that tell you about fundamental reality?

Yes, no group of men can be perfect. But there is a group that can lead you to the source of all perfection.

It is the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, founded and sustained by Jesus Christ.

Is Clyde Lewis the Masonic Anti-Alex Jones?

You can often tell the influence of the enemy by the vagueness of his speech and his distraction techniques. The enemy does not adhere to truth, but he will play off of your own adherence to it, in order to steer you in a direction he desires. He will use all the same language as an earnest supporter of the truth but often purposefully chooses the words with the most malleable meaning to allow an opening for the suggestion of his ulterior motives. There are many ways to do this in the English language. We have discussed particulars before and will do so again.

It was with initial surprise and then full realization that we encountered the "GroundZero" radio program of Clyde Lewis for the first time last night, who makes use of all of the imagery, abrupt speech and excitement of an Alex Jones, but with 1/100th of the substance. If you listen carefully, it is rarely clear if Mr. Lewis fully opposes the malefaction in the subject matter he discusses or if he is simply attempting to look, feel and sound like Alex Jones in order to spin all of his analysis in an unclear direction. The purpose this serves is to capture the same attention as Infowars, and then either tie you up in so much confusion, real action against the progenitors of evil is untenable or the action you do take is misdirected.

This is not to say that Alex himself has all of the answers. But it is to say that all evidence so far suggest that Alex earnestly believes what he is saying and is working in good faith. Whereas, one must always be on guard against those that deal in vagueness, double entendre, and outright deception.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

"10,000 Nightmares"

The Obama plan to lead the United States to war with Russia and permanently hobble the Trump administration is in full swing. After lecturing the American public for weeks following the election of Trump to the presidency about the dangers of fake news, the Fake News Media are once again the ones engaged in fake news propaganda, with recent claims that the same Malware easily found on your own computer is somehow proof that Russia is trying to shut down the electric grid in Vermont.

Yes, and Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Or as an older, wiser generation of Americans would have said, "and if you believe that, I have a bridge I want to sell you."

Meanwhile, not content with fomenting crises abroad, the outgoing President is also ...finally?... hard at work, but not in a last ditch effort to catch up with Trump's own pre-inaugural work for the US economy. Instead, Obama is attempting to regulate economic growth out of existence. Recent executive orders make us pine for the days of Obama on the golf course.

It should be noted as well that it would be nearly impossible, though not undesirable, for the Trump administration to replace every federal bureaucrat hired or beholden to the Obama administration. This means that of the "10,000 nightmares" of Obama's final month, a few of them may remain to plague Trump at a later time.

See the rest.

Friday, December 30, 2016

As 2017 Begins, US on Verge of Nuclear War with Russia

For anyone familiar with the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, current affairs could not provide a more ominous backdrop to the centennial of this most renowned religious event of the previous century. In 1917 three shepherd children in the Portuguese hinterland revealed to the world with startling accuracy that World War II was coming and that Russia would be overtaken by a gruesome ideology and attempt to spread it all over the world. A "third secret" that remains occulted to this very day was also revealed to these children accompanied by a miracle of the sun, reported by over 50,000 witnesses among them unbelievers and Masonic journalists (akin to our CNN of today).

With the Pope of the Catholic Church sounding more like Obama's Press Secretary than the leader of one of the most rigorous religious traditions in the world, and a cabal of child-abusing politicians led by an evil billionaire attempting to block the very results of an election in the United States mere months ago they were demanding the now victorious opposition candidate unconditionally accept, you'd be forgiven by even the most extreme atheist for indulging in a little religious speculation. It may simply be par for the course that the very country that is being blamed for the undesired election result and with which the current administration has been trying to start a war, first in Ukraine, then in Syria and Turkey and most desperately in the last week as the US expels its personnel, Russia, is the very country the Lady at Fatima told the children must be consecrated by the Pope together with all the Bishops in the world in order to avoid very dire consequences - a request that remains unfulfilled.

Need we mention that what little is known about the untold third secret revealed by the Lady includes an unusual remark about a "bishop in white"? There have never been any Catholic bishops in white, as this color was reserved for the holder of highest office, the Pope. The reference to a 'bishop in white' remained nearly inexplicable to Catholic ears, that is, until the unprecedented resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, who as Bishop Emeritus of Rome, continues to this day to wear the papal white of his former office.
Image result for lightning vatican
Lightening strikes the Vatican the same day as Benedict XVI announces his resignation, the first Pope to do so since the Middle Ages.

Oh, but we are only just getting started! No true prophecy is without its signs in the sky. To wit, as explained by John Hagee, in 2015 the world has just witnessed the fourth set of four blood moons with an intervening solar eclipse all occurring on Jewish high holy days within the last 500 years, fulfilling the very words of Revelation 6:12 "the sun became black as sackcloth of hair and the whole moon became as blood." Mr. Hagee asserts this is significant for the state of Israel and certainly in the past week we have seen the US, perhaps its strongest ally, unexpectedly abandon Israel.

What may be more foreboding though are the words of Fr. Malachi Martin, longtime Vatican insider, advisor to high-ranking Cardinal Bea, and one of the few who supposedly have seen in full the third secret of Fatima. In 1997 during an interview given to Bernard Janzen, Fr. Malachi warned listeners to look to the skies, especially in the spring of that year. It just so happens that the last time a set of four blood moons all occurring on Jewish high holy days with an intervening solar eclipse could have culminated was in 1996 to 1997, if not for the fact that the fourth and final blood moon expected in Spring of 1997 was only partial. In the time following that spring with no fourth full blood moon materializing, Fr. Martin admitted, "That means it won't happen for a while yet; we have a little more time."

What, exactly, did we have a little more time before? What dire consequences are to follow from Russia not being consecrated by the leaders of the Catholic Church as the Lady requested? These may be the gravest words of all spoken by Fr. Martin, sworn by oath not to reveal the specifics of the third secret.
“A physical chastisement of the nations, involving catastrophes, man-made or natural, on land, on water and in the atmosphere of the globe. A spiritual chastisement ... [consisting] of the disappearance of religious belief, a period of widespread unfaith in many countries. A central function of Russia in the two preceding series of events. In fact, the physical and spiritual chastisements, according to Lucia’s letter, are to be gridded on a fateful timetable in which Russia is the ratchet.”

Here, Lucia refers to the most prominent of the three shepherd children at Fatima. For many of the secular mind, the changes that hit the Catholic Church in the wake of the 1960s, a time when Our Lady ordered that the third secret be released by the Vatican because its meaning would be clearer, may be only a historical footnote. Of more relevance, perhaps, was that these changes came just as Soviet Russia, at the height of her power, was spreading atheistic, materialistic communism all over the globe and the nuclear arms race was heating up.

Today, though, the roles are reversed. If there is any country that openly defends Christian, albeit it Orthodox, social policy it is Russia. The West meanwhile is in full cultural decline and religious practice may in fact be at an all time low. It is not an exaggeration to say in France today there are more practicing traditional Muslims than Catholics.

And so, one should take more seriously the recent attempts of the Obama administration, in its final throws, to heat up tensions with Russia as we enter the year of the 100th anniversary of the apparition at Fatima. All of this religious speculation has so far proven true. Must we witness the final chapter in which Russia leads the world into a brutal chastisement? Or will the world turn back from the brink and towards its God? You must answer this question personally...     while there is still time.